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Balzac Paris: Opening It’s First Boutique

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The long-awaited physical location of Balzac has finally opened its new boutique in Paris.
In 2011, the brand was founded by Chrysoline de Gastines and her team in France. The brand began its journey selling custom-made bow ties and eventually focused on women’s wear. A company committed to creating high-quality, sustainable, one-of-a-kind garments with a nostalgic feel, it quickly gained a loyal following and expanded.

Balzac is truly where luxury meets sustainability. 

The founders of the brand are passionate advocates for sustainability, both in terms of human labor and the environment, and sought out ethical production methods that would reduce environmental impact as well as guarantee that fair labor practices were adhered to. They formed relationships with traditional Portuguese clothing producers, and then expanded to other European countries, keeping all clothing production in Europe. Known for their high standards of production, they create products that last a lifetime for their audience. 

Other methods for reducing environmental impact include using all materials and fabrics and reducing some packaging. By staying true to its own unique style rather than following quickly shifting trends, and manufacturing in limited quantities, Balzac appeals to their target audience and maintains its commitment to sustainability. Additionally, at their new storefront, they offer a Vintage Corner to shoppers where second-hand items can be purchased and a concierge area where alterations can be made. 

In its unique, nostalgic style, Balzac captures the attention of a diverse audience. This brand caters to a wide range of ages and body types with sizes up to 44 and a variety of price points. With a nostalgic, fun twist inspired by the designer’s childhood, Balzac’s style is stylish, timeless, and practical. Fans can expect playful textures, vibrant colors, and bold patterns from Balzac this year.

In honor of its first physical location, Balzac needed a special introduction that could also serve as memorabilia for the 200 loyal fans who visited Balzac’s opening. As a memorable, bright token of appreciation, AME created a custom key for the first visitors, so that they could remember this day for a lifetime.