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French Art de Vivre

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The French share a common passion for the taste of good things, like to cultivate themselves, have a sense of conviviality and sharing. From shops to museums, and from bars to restaurants, they cultivate the French art of living.

The pleasures of the table

If there is one thing for which France is renowned the world over, it is its culinary culture, eating well is essential. French gastronomy is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and many chefs have been able to export their cuisine around the world from Singapore to Los Angeles via Seoul and Tokyo. France is also and above all the land of wine and Champagne which have become unmissable in kitchens around the world.

French elegance

Capital of romanticism, Paris is above all the world showcase for fashion. From haute-couture to ready-to-wear, opportunities to discover unique and exceptional pieces run through the streets of French cities which are full of know-how.

The art of celebrating

France likes to come together. Due to its history and culture, there are many opportunities to get together to party. From Parisian social evenings to the music festival, everyone will find a reason to celebrate. At the turn of a cocktail or a dance or quite simply a picnic, French know-how mixes offering ever more exceptional moments.

Culture in all its forms

The French like to educate themselves, explore art exhibitions, go to concerts, spend the evening at the theater or even immerse themselves in the dark rooms of cinemas. France exports its art throughout the world, whether in the field of music, cinema, or painting. It is a wonderful showcase of this famous art of living.