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Which corporate gift to make an impression?

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When we’re involved in the creation of a brand identity and in its international deployment, we have certain policy requirements put in place concerning corporate gifts and promotional products. Interview with Krystel Baudy, communication manager at Amundi Asset Management.

How did you meet AME?

Krystel: “When I joined the external communication department at Amundi and was in charge of the choice of products, I met all the providers we referenced and I greatly appreciated AME’s approach.

The positioning of AME corresponds with the new policy that we want to implement, namely manufactured objects with the greatest care, attention to detail and quality finishes in the image of Amundi’s ambitions.

We also have common values ​​such as the implementation of a CSR policy, being responsible and respectful. Moreover, we share the same discerning taste which is translated through AME products by a real effort in sourcing, putting forth a precious French know-how. We have also developed a relationship based on trust, as with our customers elsewhere. And we particularly appreciate that AME has the same commitment to all the projects we entrust to them.”

What does AME bring to you?

Krystel: “Very early interaction to offer us personalized products, which are original and that make an impression. AME cultivates a sense of detail and offers objects that make sense, taking into account the values ​​of the brand, thus enhancing our own know-how.

AME combines ideas and coherence, so we’re able to reflect on innovative products, and not just the trends of the moment.

And then, we could also think about products that match the type of events we organize and not according to object categories. We don’t offer the same business gifts when it comes to a one-to-one client meeting, a commercial presentation of a new product, or with a road show or a salon.”

A detail that has impressed you about AME?

Krystel: “Yes, when we made candies of all colors in pretty glass packaging, AME invited me to visit the candy factory. No supplier had ever made such an offer! “

AME thanks Krystel Baudy for this interview.