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Private jet travel is exploding... so how do we retain VIP customers?

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Nightmare for the air transport sector… A real miracle for Les Jets Privés!

In the United States, private jet traffic has increased by 45% in one year. In Europe, the increase reached 30%! Unsurprisingly, the industry was decimated by the financial crisis in 2008, and was still recovering when the Coronavirus first appeared. Since then, it has returned to its previous peak of 2007. Consequently, the leading manufacturers no longer have inventory, second-hand jets cannot be found, and new order books are full for several years. Lockdowns and the paralysis of the air sector are the main drivers of this sustained demand.

Certainly faster and more comfortable, the fact remains that this mode of transportation is still exclusive. So how do you retain this ultra-rich clientele?

Jetex, or how to retain this ultra-rich clientele?

In its constant search for the highest quality and best service, the JETEX brand has created a collection of luxury products made with the best materials and the best know-how in the world. The stated objective is clear: to extend the customer experience through exceptional products and thus to retain this unique clientele.

Thus, the experience is as unique as it is luxurious upon arrival at the airport. The experience begins with the client receiving his or her ticket and passport in an elegant genuine leather case. Additionally, their luggage is proudly decorated with a leather luggage tag, never again anonymous but always discreet. 

In-flight, the experience continues with particular attention to detail. The brand’s colors are featured on leather coasters that accompany champagne and snacks. The coffee can be tasted with elegance through a set of Baccarat cups, proudly illustrating the brand’s prestige. Likewise, the hosts portray the house’s elegance in every circumstance; silk and cashmere deploy their softness and colors on a scarf revisited for the event. There is excellent attention paid to all the details, from simple “Mint Candy” to “extra bags” and “Baudruche Balloons” for children.

This collection of unique products extends the experience beyond the flight for both adults and children, with sublime surprises and real travel trophies.

As a bonus, a means of communication and viral expression.

We all have someone in our lives who flies planes regularly, sometimes even takes a ride in a helicopter, and has booked their own private jet. Oh no! Sorry – we see it on social media, and that’s the marketing magic! These lucky travelers or ultra-rich clientele share their experience on their social networks to the delight of the brands who benefit from a communication medium that is both unique and exclusive.

Here is a list of the best promotional gifts to offer to these very, very VIP travelers: