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Corporate Gifts in the Luxury Industry

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Interview with Nicolas Brindjonc, Marketing Director at Richemont Asia

Why Corporate Gifts are a key marketing tool for you and how does it create value for your clients?

Nicolas: In a digital and marketing world, services and products are more and more ephemeral. Relationships between clients and suppliers should be fast and efficient. Information seems to be everywhere, but ultimately nowhere. Big players remain visible through huge and expensive marketing and communication campaigns.

In this consumer environment, the successful brands are those who build long-lasting, emotionally-invested relationships with their customers. The corporate gift offers the ability to connect person-to-person, and to build a real relationship between company and customers. The visibility of an actual object seen every day on a work desk is much more effective than a picture on a social media wall.”

What makes a Corporate Gift truly unique? 

Nicolas: “That goal is reached only when the object really conveys the DNA and values of the brand and when the gift is a beautiful object the client can use regularly with enjoyment. It can be very simple and inexpensive or sophisticated and extravagant; it should just communicate a message from the brand saying, “Thank you for appreciating our values”.”

What is specifically important for corporate Gifts in the Luxury Industry? 

Nicolas: “Consumers no longer think of brands as simply providers of products, but as a part of their lifestyle. They expect brands to deliver distinctive and memorable experiences and build long-lasting relationships with them. A corporate gift – or simply, the gift – is the symbol of a transition from a transactional service model to a personalized relationship and emotional model. It creates a link to the brand in the personal environment of the client. In the luxury industry, products and services must be perfect to create an emotional connection with the client, and the giving of a gift helps to solidify this relationship.”

What are Ateliers AME key differentiators and why have you partnered together? 

Nicolas: “The Ateliers AME are a team of passionate people. They like the craftsmanship, the how-know and the people behind everything.  They work with passion. They share this passion with clients and partners.

They have a spark in their eyes when they speak about leather, porcelain, fabrics, and their solutions, and how they can help clients.

They’re invested in the success of the brands they serve. Making an impact for clients is the ultimate goal they all have in mind. The desire to see clients succeed in communicating the values and brand DNA is of paramount importance.”

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