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Ecological, 100% CSR and useful corporate gifts!

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Praised by the majority of companies, which consider that they have a role to play in the environmental crisis, CSR and ecological products have now become widely democratized within communication campaigns.
But what are CSR and ecological products?

First of all, it’s important to point out that the majority of products on the market are not 100% CSR and ecological.
Far from their complex and expensive images, CSR and ecological corporate gifts hold their secrets in:

  • the local know-how of the countries which grant them (generally unique).
  • materials and means of production, respectful of the environment.
  • durable products over time.
  • committed and passionate men and women.

For AME, these are fundamentals and we hope to be able to help make our world a better place by integrating innovative and sustainable products into our solutions.
The following are six new products that we offer for an ecological alternative.

Seaqual Towel

The Spanish Seaqual initiative collects oceanic waste and gives it a second life.

Processed, the recovered marine plastics are melted into fibers and then used to make high-quality everyday products.

All canvas-based products can be developed with this responsible material (tote bag, towel, kit, etc.)

Caran d’Ache Nespresso Pen

Iconic Swiss brand Caran d’Ache has partnered with Nespresso to recycle its capsules.

Their aluminum has been reused to create a collection of ballpoint pens while maintaining the iconic look of the 849.

Each year has its color: 2019 that of green, woody, and spicy “India”. This year, that purple with the intense capsules “Arpeggio”.

Produced in a limited series, Caran d´Ache has given a taste for writing by knowing how to distinguish itself.

Duralex Cup & Glass

Duralex, timeless Made in France glass brand, with an iconic look.

Unparalleled resistance thanks to its tempered glass, it is also made of recycled glass.

Its timeless durability, quality, and design are an alternative to the disposable cup.

It is also possible to engrave, sand, and print them individually.

MISOKA Toothbrush

This innovative toothbrush made in Japan uses a concept you have never seen before.

No need for toothpaste, thanks to its mineral deposit technology on its “ultra-fine” bristles.

This process and minerals provide incomparable cleaning and dental protection properties while limiting water consumption.

In Biomass or bamboo plastic, this toothbrush is the perfect ally for travel and your Travel Kit.

Hand Sanitizer Spray

This product of Spanish origin, made from recycled plastic, is an easy-to-carry hand sanitizer spray.

With a slick look, it kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on your skin via a unique and gentle formula consisting of 65% ethanolic alcohol + aloe vera.

Composed of a range of 5 fragrances, everyone will find their taste while protecting themselves.

Lightweight, flat, and easy to carry, it always finds a place in the pocket, purse, backpack, and satchel.

    Wooden Highlighter

    This Made in France highlighter is unlike any other.

    Made from FSC certified wood, this smart and designer product will help you stand out while respecting nature.

    Customizable, thanks to ecological laser engraving, it is a great alternative to disposable highlighters.

    With these examples of realization, we bring alternatives and solutions to our range of everyday products.

    Made from recycled materials, in clean production sites and by committed people, these long-lasting products are a step towards a more responsible future to which your brand can contribute.

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