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Happy Year of the Rabbit

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It was the Year of The Tiger in 2022, marked by resilience and strength, and now we turn our attention to the introspective side. The Rabbit symbolizes a time of calmness and self-reflection.

In an interview with NBC news, Jonathan H. X. Lee, an Asian and Asian American studies professor at San Francisco State University, weighs in on the subject, “There is a lot of possibility for prosperity and flourishing, and for peace, really. The rabbit is a very strong symbol for peace.”

The rabbit represents intellect and contemplation in Chinese mythology. Legend has it that the rabbit was one of the 12 animals that raced to the Jade Emperor in a cosmic contest that ultimately determined the order of the Chinese zodiac signs. To win, the animals had to cross a river with rapid currents and reach the shore. In navigating the river portion, the rabbit used a raft, representing its intellect.

In 2023’s Year of The Rabbit, Les Ateliers AME wishes you peace, happiness, and space for reflection.

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