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Shaping Leather – or – How to Combine Know-how and Exigency.

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Leather goods, small leather goods, accessories, the art of shaping leather is an ancestral skill that has evolved over time and creates new interest in new collections. We met with Alain G., head of a leather factory until 2018.

Why the world of leather?

Alain G.: “It’s a subject that has always attracted me, fascinated…the sensations of touch, smell. Transformation too: making a simple rawhide into an exceptional product. That’s what led me to open the factory in 1977. Curious, motivated by the desire to understand the different stages, I worked in every position to become the director of this beautiful company and buy it back in 1998 with the ambition to continue to grow it.”


What is your vision of the job?

Alain G.: “The market is buoyant, both for fashion and for business gifts, and I wanted manufacturing to be a reference in this area. So we cultivated the demand, the search for quality, the transmission of the perfect statement. It is a profession of passion and we have communicated that day after day in everything we produce.”


What were your values, those that continue today?

Alain G.: “Respect! For material, know-how and customer. We work a noble material indeed and shaping it must be allowed to make it sublime.

Our know-how is ancestral, it must be kept, shared within the company and evolving over the technological changes we can benefit from. And our ultimate goal is always customer satisfaction, meeting their expectations perfectly and even going beyond them.”


Tell us about your meeting with AME.

Alain G.: “It was in 2010. AME was looking for a company capable of manufacturing quality parts, in beautiful materials, able to meet the very special requirements of its customers. We had the know-how, the technical skills and, moreover, we shared the same values. It was therefore obvious to collaborate together. ”


AME thanks Alain G. for this interview.

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