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In 1887, a speech by Jules Simon, former French Prime Minister, introduced the concept on which Coubterin's philosophy of the modern Olympic Games would be based. Through the lens of improving education experiences for French children, Simon was an early adopter of the idea of sport as a human right, which he articulated as “play.” More than 40 years after Simon's speech, Coubertine would put this into his own words Simon’s sentiment, forming the values of the Olympic Games and the Ateliers AME collection inspired by it.

The Inspiration Behind the Collection: Sport As A Human Right

French historian and educator Pierre de Coubertine, the founder of the modern Olympic Games, understood sports as an integral cornerstone of our society. He believed that participation in sports was not just a competition but also an act of self-expression and celebration of one’s unique strengths. This ethos surrounding athletics would ultimately define the modern Olympic Games. 

Fighting against traditional norms that insisted sport was for the wealthy, Coubertine believed that it should be accessible to all, stating in his Olympic Memoir, “For every man, woman, and child, sport offers an opportunity for self-improvement quite independent of profession or position in life. It [sport] is the birthright of all, equally and to the same degree, and nothing can replace it…”

Ateliers AME X Olympic Games Collection

The Ateliers AME X Olympic Games collection encapsulates the essence of Pierre de Coubterine’s vision for the games: an expression of diversity, unity, and inclusivity. Each piece in the collection, made up of apparel, badges, writing utensils, and other accessories, displays Coubertin’s ideologies in short phrases; “Olympism is A State of Mind” and “All Sports for All People.”  

The collection represents Coubterin’s philosophy that it is the participation of a diverse society that is important; and that the right to play sports is a basic human right, ultimately, an act of fun and self-expression that has the ability to unite us all. 

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