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Branded Giveaways and Promotional Products: The Best Long-term Marketing Tools

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We live in a digital world. And in a digital world, online marketing seems to be the only thing marketers think of when trying to attract new business. But with all the energy of marketing focused online, often forgotten are those actual real-world items that your clients can put on their desks to remind them of your company…and those “little souvenirs” have a strong impact on the marketplace.

Promotional Products Last Longer than PPC or Billboards.

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, promotional products are kept for an average of 11 months. That means your advertisement sticks with people far longer than a simple PPC ad or pop-up on a website. Of course, the actual time depends on the product – an umbrella lasts a lot longer than some gummy bears.

Another major factor in why promotional products are so popular is that contemporary consumers have trained themselves to ignore most forms of advertising. People naturally have a unique relationship with a physical item they can actually touch and use that is way more effective than a traditional billboard or commercial.

A Positive Image for the Brand.

A majority of those who receive a promotional product also have a more favorable view of the company that gave it to them. So essentially, you communicate a beneficial branding message by simply giving away some fun swag. And sure, it may seem like just a free giveaway, but the monetary cost of the item isn’t the actual value. Specialists and studies reveal that the actual value is in the message you send. “We care – thank you for being a loyal customer.” A little gesture of appreciation goes a long way and actually connects with people. It can even give the feeling of being part of club – a community. It becomes like a membership pin we wear proudly for everyone else to see.

Branded Giveaways Seek Out Multiple Customers.

The study also likens promotional products to brand ambassadors. Indeed, those who receive promotional products are likely to pass them along to others who will use them – and also receive your advertising message! The ASI study shows that 63% of recipients in the United States and 64% of those in Canada not only use their promotional products, but then later give them to new potential clients.

Branded promotional products are a wonderful way to thank your customers – and that alone makes them worth the cost and effort – but, as a way to keep you fresh in their minds and then even be introduced to new ones, well, that makes them priceless.

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