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Olympic Games: A Unique Partnership Serving Shared Values

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The spirit of the Olympic Games was brought to life through the alignment of core values between Ateliers AME and Pierre de Coubertin.

Pierre de Coubertin: The Founder of the Olympic Games

The founder of the Olympic Game, Pierre de Coubertine,  inspired by the ancient Greek Olympians, advocated for participation in sport as a human right and a valuable tool for self development. His lifetime of work led to the creation of the modern Olympic Games that we have today. Coubertin’s career as an ideator and founder was infused with the key values of excellence, social responsibility, community, and transmission. 

According to Coubertin, excellence is defined as improving oneself intrinsically. He believed that through participation and trying one’s best, joy can be derived from effort. Coubertin advocated for the concept of striving for one’s personal best in order to achieve harmony between the mind and body and self-efficacy. Coubertin heavily emphasized the importance of “taking part”; that it was the attitude of passion and dedication that one had to honing their craft.  He highlighted the importance of the journey,  …excellence is not purely about the result… it is about the sum of many parts, contributing equally to the end result.” 

Coubertin emphasizes social responsibility as another important Olympic characteristic, emphasizing the importance of cooperating with others and respecting others, following rules, and protecting the environment. 

The Olympic spirit, as guided by Coubertin, is rooted in the concept of community. In Coubertin’s view, there are more things that unite us than those that separate us. The concept of competition is always secondary to Coubertin’s belief in setting rivalries aside and coming together under a common cause. Through this spirit of friendship and community, Coubertin sought to make the world a more peaceful place.  The modern Olympic motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together”, embraces this sentiment. 

Throughout his life, Coubertin transmitted the value of self-improvement, harmony between body and mind, and worldwide community. Through these pursuits, he aimed to leave behind a legacy and a belief that we can unite the world.

The Olympic Games

Ateliers AME’s Philosophy

Through shared values, Ateliers AME represents the spirit of the Olympics and the vision of Coubertin. A commitment to excellence drives Ateliers AME to source only the finest materials and craftsmen from around the world to create the most unique, impactful objects. Ateliers AME continually searches for the finest materials, traveling the world to form relationships with these manufacturers. 

With a strong component of Social Responsibility in its framework, Ateliers AME honors the specialized know-how and traditions of its craftsmen, as well as being aware of the social costs associated with production. Furthermore, Ateliers AME is continually striving to reduce its environmental impact by using recycled materials, sustainable alternatives, clean energy, reducing packaging waste, and sourcing locally. 

At the core of the culture of AME is the strength of its community. Beginning from a small community of local craftsmen, Ateliers AME has nurtured its decades-long relationships, creating the strong partnerships it has today. The Ateliers AME has taken a deep understanding of its communities’ specialized techniques, including leather goods, stationary, silk, porcelain, and more. Bonded by the passion of producing exceptional products, Ateliers AME strives to create a profound impact.

Through its vibrant community and unique know-how, Ateliers AME hopes to transmit knowledge and appreciation of exceptional craftsmanship for generations to come.

Under mutual values, Ateliers AME and The Olympic Committee partnered to create an official Olympic Games collection. Atelier’s AME’s colorful Olympic Games products celebrate the competition and serve as a daily reminder of this event that brings our world together:

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