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Discovering London

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Capital of England and the United Kingdom, boldness is one of its defining characteristics. London has no peer when it comes to dazzling its guests from visit to visit.
Welcome to the city of mixing and blending culture.

Fifteen times larger and historically every bit as fascinating as Paris, London is bisected by the Thames and broken down into many boroughs and neighborhoods: the prestigious Mayfair, Kensington and its very French south, the trendy and artsy Shoreditch, Camden Town and its alt-culture, Primerose Hill which is dear to the Rolling Stones … But also beautiful green spaces like Hyde Park and Regent’s Park to name a few – but one can’t forget, a little further west, the botanical and royal gardens of Kew, which house a collection of more than 50,000 varieties of plants.

The world-famous red double-decker buses, black taxi cars whose drivers have the city at their fingertips, and small pastel or multicolored houses called “mews.” We could spend hours walking, in the streets of Notting Hill in particular, observing these multi-level residences that deftly conceal countless staircases and winding halls.

No one is unaware of the innumerable monuments and other tourist attractions offered by the city where Queen Elizabeth II sometimes makes appearances at the balconies of Buckingham Palace.

Architectural masterpieces at the forefront of modernism such as The Shard adjoining buildings with Victorian architecture, the must-see Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Covent Garden, and Big Ben, among others, this city captives and enthralls, outshining the often-gray skies.

On Sunday, for vintage clothing and furniture lovers, go on a treasure hunt on Brick Lane. From ephemeral shops set up in abandoned factories to exhilarating food stands to the epicenter of the city’s street art, artists from the UK and beyond lend their talents to the facades and walls of the city.

London is a symbol of permanent renewal, harmony and uniqueness just like Brick Lane, in the Spitalfields district, where amateurs and professionals seeking hidden gems find themselves every Sunday. Vintage clothing and furniture, esoteric boutiques of young designers and other curiosities in the old Old Truman brewery, art galleries installed in gutted factories, food stands from which waft the distinct aroma of curry, certainly the most popular dish. This street of East London, also known as the epicenter of Street Art, attracts visitors from around the world but, above all, the greatest artists from the UK and the world over. All your senses will be delighted!

London is a wonderful combination of eras, genres, and the diversity of people, music, cuisine, shops, art exhibitions and festivals.

Bring your taste buds to life by booking a table at The Palomar, considered one of London’s finest restaurants for Middle Eastern specialties, located in the theater district of SoHo. Or perhaps discover the power of the flavors of Ikoyi’s West African fusion cuisine, which received a Michelin Star in 2018. And of course, a lunch at Granger is a must for living the life of the denizens of Notting Hill.

Stay at the Blakes Hotel, known for being the first boutique hotel in the world. With a slate-gray facade, this South Kensington hotel offers a world of warm elegance with bold accents. Each room has its own decoration masterfully appointed by the famous Anouska Hempel. This is one indispensable destination.

London is the promise of a cultural voyage around the world, all in one place, and the experience of all four seasons, all in a day.

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