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Gifting In Higher Education

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Last year the famous American university Stanford created a buzz over their viral “Welcome Box”, a tactic used to encourage admitted undergraduate students to enroll.

As Stanford administrators dealt with the Coronavirus and the shift to virtual campuses, the infamous admissions period posed the greatest challenge. Without being able to physically house admitted students on campus, university admissions teams decided to use virtual technology and “Welcome Boxes” to engage potential applicants and convince them to enroll at Stanford.

Engaging target audiences through promotional items is not only reserved for companies. Increasingly, higher education institutions are finding ways to implement this practice.  In the United States, students proudly wear sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps and decorative items with the logo and colors of their university. Kept religiously for years and then passed on to children, these items maintain the significance of these establishments over time.

In France, the trend has entered through business schools and is spreading to universities – a mode of communication that is gaining ground with both students and staff.

Several promotional item-based communication strategies are possible in schools. One of them is the implementation of these “Welcome Packs”: as in business, a selection of branded items is given to each new student upon registration – an appreciated welcome gift and a good way to support the integration of students.

With this trend in modern institutions, it’s smart to consider some welcome kit ideas that will make your new students feel at home. 

25 things to include in your welcome kits for new students:

Below are some welcome gift ideas to provide in your “Welcome Kit”. It’s important to remember that the perfect student onboarding kit should represent your school’s unique culture.


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