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The power of a good GWP

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Giving something away in order to attract customer attention or loyalty is a time-honored tradition in many industries!

At over a 144M followers on Instagram, Kylie Jenner exceeds even the president of the United States! You wouldn’t think of her as the kind of person who needs to “bribe” people for attention. But it turns out she does! A Kardashian can never have enough fans/customers and this is the reason why she regularly does giveaway offers of her lip kits and “Kylighters” to fans, a strategy so popular that it’s spawned many imitators…

A good Gift With Purchase requires experience, creativity, and quality.
Your giveaway needs to serve a real need for your customers on top of fitting and serving your brand’s DNA. The perfect GWP hinges on your ability to understand the brand. The experience you draw upon to create value is key to exploring all your opportunities for developing a deep and long-lasting relationship with your clients.

Creativity is also a major aspect of a GWP success. You want to make a positive and strong impact in the mind of the people who receive the gift, so it has to be memorable. It has to be used and eventually even shared! And sharing brings us back to Kylie Jenner and the social media sphere. The more Instagrammable your GWP is, the more awareness you generate. Social media sharing is a very important aspect of today’s GWP.  Beyond the positive impact you’re creating for your customers and prospects, it’s also a very effective avenue for creating Brand Awareness and that’s why many brands are betting on it!

Last but not least, Quality. GWP doesn’t mean low-quality products! As you want to positively impact your community, the details of your GWP reflect who you are and how much you care about them. Quality has long been synonymous with massive cost and expensive prices but, with time and experience, this no longer needs to be the case. Sourcing is the key and, with a good network, you’ll have access to specific artisanal know-how from all over the world. Quality is making sure you have the right people that pay attention to the details…just as much as you do!

Giving away your creation is a way of conveying both your image and your worth to your clients. It’s a reflection of you and a demonstration of just how much you value your client… Worth… a free Gift. With Purchase.

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