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GOTS, The Rigorous Global Organic Textile Standard

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The commitment of the Ateliers AME to sustainable development and environmental protection is founded on values ​​passed down from generation to generation by the artisans who have shaped our DNA from our origins.
AME's vision finds its roots in the sense of responsibility, the quest for authenticity, respect for time and knowledge, and in the natural resources of our planet.

It is in this constant quest that all “organic” products made in our workshops are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

GOTS certification certifies that cotton is grown without GMOs, without chemicals, and with complete traceability from the cotton fields to the end customer, including transaction certificates at each stage. Unlike other certifications such as the OCS label (Organic Content Standard), the GOTS certification goes further, ensuring key guarantees:

• Environmentally friendly production and processing processes
• Respect and improvement of working conditions
• Promotion of the use of organic fibers
• Ban on hazardous inputs such as toxic heavy metals, aromatic solvents, etc.
• Reasonable and controlled water management
• Laboratory test report proving that there is no trace of GMOs

These levels of requirement make GOTS the most qualitative of certifications.
Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Ateliers AME have produced the Edmond de Rothschild Heritage “Tote Bag” to the same standards.


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