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How to craft beautiful sustainable products?

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With a growing demand from companies to produce products that meet high ESG standards, businesses must find new ways to create and manufacture unique objects while preserving their quality.

A 2018 global study by Accenture Strategy of 30,000 consumers in 35 countries found that almost two-thirds (62%) find brands with attention to ethical values more appealing. It is potentially a problem for companies because consumers often consider the products they use as useless or harmful to the environment, especially products with high technical or decorative added value.

So how do you create beautiful, sustainable objects?

We suggest a more immersive strategy: centered on authenticity.

According to the latest study conducted by the prestigious American University Harvard, consumers perceive the authenticity of brands and products in two ways: claiming to be “truly original” or if they correspond to a “true ideal”

Signs of authenticity: the product establishes its authenticity by establishing direct links with its origins and manufacturers.

Iconic signs of authenticity: the product is a reproduction or concrete reissue of a historical one. A new product whose design follows the manufacturer’s subjective perception of the defining characteristics of the original.

To answer the question, it’s all about passion!

The study reveals that products that benefit from special care in their entire manufacturing process, from creativity to craftsmanship, including design, will be perceived with stronger ethical perceptions. So if companies want to earn their reputation through their promotional items, they must do more than green their products and operations. They must communicate their craftsmen’s passion and commitment to their art.

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