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In 2019, the color is ... Living Coral!

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Get back in the pink in 2019 with Living Coral, the color of the year!
The hue most highly-anticipated by designers and creators since Ultra Violet, the Pantone Institute has selected this slightly pinkish orange with golden tones to grace our daily lives.

"Vibrant and soft...representing the fusion of modern life, PANTONE Living Coral is a fulfilling color that appears in our natural environment and, at the same time, is a vibrant presence in social media," says the Director of Pantone Leatrice Eiseman.

Animal, vegetable, and mineral all at the same time, coral is a little bit of everything good, and symbolizes great optimism. And since the dawn of time, it has also bestowed many virtues: protection against bad energies, calming emotions, and restoring inner well-being.

Masters of colors, designers, and other luxury craftsmen will embrace this bold color, invigorating in its almost-otherworldly brightness, and yet natural, sincere, very real, and so warm. Fashion designers and leather goods manufacturers, among others, will scatter it through their many products and infuse a rare energy into their new collections.

Some would think of coral as a mere throwback to the 50s, 60s or even 70s. However, Pantone has a more symbolic, even philosophical, idea in mind!

Wouldn’t it be a clever way to remind us of the importance of protecting coral reefs, our ecosystem, and our planet? “All that is rare is precious. Anyone who gets hold of it makes envious.” This observation is more relevant than ever!

So, let yourself be swept away by Living Coral: it represents the hope and the promise of today; brushing back the dark and ushering in the light.

Well aware of the final, dusky days of a closing decade, Living Coral announces a bright future ahead.

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