Jetex: A unique collection, exception and know-how from around the world

Jetex: A unique collection bringing together exception and know-how from around the world

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In constant search of the best know-how in the world, we wanted to present the new collection of Jetex products, which is entirely based on the best craftsmanship from around the world.

Jetex is one of the leaders in the rental of luxury private Jets in the Middle East. Always in pursuit of the most luxurious and outstanding service, the brand decides to create a collection of high-end products. They are made from the best materials and the best know-how in the world. The stated objective is clear, to extend the customer experience through exceptional products.

The production is entirely carried out from local sourcing and regional know-how. The leather materials sourced in France have made it possible to manufacture a range of “Made in France” leather goods, like the passport holder or the cardholder. The water bottles are exclusively made from alpine spring water to guarantee the best quality. Other examples, the handkerchiefs were exclusively made in Germany through an eco-responsible production with know-how dating from before the war.

This collection of unique products is a symbol of luxury, the result of exceptional know-how and global collaboration:

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