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"Welcome Kit": Essential part of the modern onboarding process

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Studies show us that the smooth integration of our employees is essential to optimize the efficiency of our organizations. Retention, commitment, and productivity are all factors of success.

While developing and executing onboarding strategies for existing employees is important, improving the onboarding process is often the easiest and most effective way to create impactful change and build momentum. That will spread to all areas of the organization. Following are some surprising statistics about integration, revealed by the American recruitment platform Glassdoor:

  • Great employee onboarding experience can improve retention by 82%.
  • Organizations with a structured onboarding process experience 50% higher retention of new hires.
  • Employees who come through a consistent onboarding process are 58% more likely to stay with the organization after three years.

An introduction to the Employee Welcome Kits, known as the famous “Welcome Kit” or “Welcome Pack”

An essential part of the modern onboarding process is the welcome kit.

Implementing an effective and impactful welcome kit improves the employee opinion of a company instantly and has several other positive impacts, including:

  • Definition of Brand values – The welcome kit is a quick, efficient, and long-lasting way to display the company’s DNA and define its values. With this harmless and generous gesture, the organization establishes its identity and unites its teams around a shared vision.
  • Brand exposure – Employees love to share welcome packs on LinkedIn where users love to interact with this type of content. This virality shares your organization’s corporate culture and brand with a new audience. There was a time when it became difficult to find new employees. Now welcome kits make your company stand out.
  • Corporate Culture – Most companies strive to establish a robust corporate culture. Being greeted with brand-stamped quality products is a powerful way to instill a sense of togetherness from day one. The fact that welcome kits are shared so often speaks to the true feeling of belonging.
  • Lead Generation – Sharing your brand online also generates leads for your organization, allowing you to impact the entire business positively. Your efforts will be greatly rewarded.


So, if welcome kits are so important, what are some welcome kit ideas that will make your new hire feel great?

25 ideas to include in your welcome kits for new team members

This section offers some ideas for welcome gifts in your onboarding kits. Our selection is a wide range of things to consider for your business. Remember that the perfect employee onboarding kit is unique and should represent your company culture.

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