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Onboarding Welcome Kit

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Good help is hard to find, as they say, and in today’s competitive atmosphere, companies obviously need to go the extra mile to find great prospective employees – but even more important is being able to KEEP that talent once they’ve been found. The bedrock of this lofty goal is Onboarding.

Onboarding is a whirlwind of learning and activity in which new employees ultimately, if subconsciously, decide how they feel about their new workplace – a brief moment in time when you can make a lifelong impression. And it’s an even more impressionable moment for younger individuals.

The New Employee Onboarding Welcome Kit as Marketing Tool:

  1. Sparks Employee Engagement
    These days, people love to wear and carry branded products when they feel these items say something about them. Supplying your team members with these very items allows them to become your ambassadors and champions, even in their everyday lives.
  1. Promotes Company Culture
    Onboarding is a moment of initiation into your company culture. A well-thought-out Welcome Kit helps invite new folks into the fold. Don’t miss the opportunity to make them longtime and enthusiastic members.
  1. Makes Your New Hire Feel Welcome
    In their first months in a new job, place, and atmosphere, employees are trying hard to figure out where they’ll fit in and what role they’ll play. Just think how included a new and uncertain employee would feel if, upon deciding to wear the company shirt they found in their welcome kit, they arrive at work to find others wearing that same shirt. Fellow newbies and seasoned vets are suddenly peers.

Ideas for the contents of your Employee Onboarding Welcome Kit

The Informative

  • Map of the office
  • Key to the building
  • A letter from the company president
  • Parking instructions
  • Information on benefits
  • A checklist of things they’ll get done in their first month

The practical

  • Laptop and Laptop case
  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Flash Drive
  • Power Bank

The Fun

  • Apparel
  • Water Bottle
  • Stickers
  • Pins
  • Mug

Following are some of our creations:

To Take Notes:


Leather Goods:


Bags / Tote Bags:

Identification Pin:

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